Milestone Pediatric Therapy currently services families through early intervention home-visits and clinic-based sessions in the San Diego area!

We provide pediatric Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy, in the home and in our clinic. We have a strong and growing presence in San Diego County. Our primary goal is to provide first-class service to our patients - our kiddos and their families. Everything we do is in service of current and future patients. Our team is made up of professionals with various backgrounds, each of us with different passion areas & all dedicated to the success of those we serve. A key contributor to our success as a provider has been that we maintain strong ethical and lawful boundaries at all times. We are also VERY serious about FUN 🙂 

Why apply with us?

If you’re hungry for more - quality, smiles, challenges, career growth… more success - we are going to get along great! We’re a startup with a humble beginning, lots of success stories, a super-team, an inspiring owner and a very exciting future. The professionals that you’ll join will assure that you have the tools and support you need to succeed. You’ll have access to support and collaboration with 20 other therapists, 3 Schedule & Reception Specialists, an innovative owner who treats in both settings, and a brand new clinic that you’ll be welcomed in as a home-base.

Therapist Positions Available:

Please check back for more opportunities.

Looking to Volunteer?

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