“Don’t forget to wash your hands so you don’t get the Corona virus.”

“‘Cus what happens if you get the Corona virus?”

“You’ll throw up!” – C.M. age 3

COVID-9 Preparedness 4/27/2020

Hello Milestone Family!
I hope this update finds you healthy and safe! 
We know this is a tough time for everyone and we want to support you as best we can during this time. Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in our community as well as the current recommendations to stay at home, we have decided to continue with tele-therapy sessions through the month of May. 
It is our hope that we can start to slowly integrate in-person sessions strategically to ensure the health and safety of the Milestone family at large. We will send a more detailed update in the coming weeks that will provide more clarity on this plan.
We are very excited to see everyone in person again as soon as possible! In the meantime, we are preparing for that return by obtaining the required personal protective equipment (PPE), developing new policies and procedures to align with social distancing and building a strategy to safely reintroduce in-person sessions.
Thank you for trusting us during this time!

COVID-9 Preparedness 3/19/2020

Hello Milestone Family! 

I hope this email finds you well and healthy :). I know a lot has changed these last few weeks and I want you to know first and foremost that we are here for you We continue to remain excited and grateful to serve you and your family during this time.

Since the beginning of our journey in 2017 as a company, I have always had people as my top priority and this continues to be the case today. The health of well being of the families, children and Milestone team members are of utmost importance to me. Because of this, we will be pausing in-person sessions through at least 4/3/2020.

This is the best way to protect the Milestone Family, at large, now and for the future. This was not in any way an easy decision and I promise that we will be doing everything we can to serve our community through the online platform. We have already had amazing teletherapy, online sessions in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy and it is our hope that you will join us on this new, exciting adventure!

We will be moving to entirely online, video-based sessions called tele-therapy, beginning on Monday, 3/23/2020. 

If you haven’t tried teletherapy with us yet, we will reach out to you tomorrow, Friday, 3/20, to offer that service and set it up. In the meantime, check out our Instagram feed to see how it’s going :-).

If you’ve already had your first teletherapy session with your therapist — THANK YOU & CONGRATS — your regularly scheduled next sessions will remain on telehealth through April 3rd.

Choosing Milestone Pediatric Therapy has always been your choice, and will continue to be. Teletherapy is a way to maintain some control, some choice, some normalcy, and of course – progress towards therapy goals that you have for your child. We may even be able to add a new fun sensory, movement or language routines for all those days at home! 

We understand there may be some hesitation around teletherapy. In honoring our values, we appreciate even having an opportunity to give it a try. We are here to answer your questions, hear your concerns, and overall help ease the transition to a new phase in your child’s development. 

The Milestone Team is 100% dedicated to supporting you and your family as we navigate these changing times, together. All of us will be working as hard from home as we do from the office and are looking forward to serving you with the same dedication virtually as we do in-person. 

Please email us at scheduling@milestoneclinic.com or call us at 619-578-2232 with any questions. 

COVID-19 Preparedness 3/15/2020 

Hello Milestone Family!   I am writing today with an update to all of our families on how we are continuing to prepare to provide quality services during this time. We are taking this very seriously and are dedicated to making Milestone a safe place for staff and families throughout the coming weeks.   What we know is that in times like these, when things feel very out of our control, it’s nice to have options. We want to try our best to provide choices that meet the needs of each family we serve. It’s important that we lean into the needs of our families, and allow everyone to continue to have the opportunity to choose their best fit for this time. You know your family best, you know your children best, and we will honor that by providing options.   Effective Monday 3/16/2020: Milestone will be offering 3 ways to receive services     

Option 1: Clinic therapy sessions at our normal, Kearny Mesa location
If you receive services at our therapy clinic, you are welcome to come as usual
  • We will meet you outside (in front of our door) for your appointment and you will be escorted through the waiting room by your therapist.
  • We are asking that you stay in your car until a few minutes before your start time and then walk to the breezeway by our front door to meet your therapist.
  • Child and therapist will use soap or hand sanitizer to disinfect hands prior to starting the session
  • All therapy sessions will be held in private rooms or designated areas that will be completely sanitized in between sessions.
  • All shared equipment space will be sectioned off and used by only one therapist that day with full sensitization procedures in between sessions.

If you feel this isn’t the best option for your family you are welcome to check out option 2 and 3, listed below   

Option 2: In- Home services
If you receive home health services, you are welcome to keep your appointment as usual
  • To protect against the spread of germs, your therapist will not bring any toys into your home
  • All sessions will start with hand-washing for both child and therapist
  • To hold a session, all members of the household and the therapist must be healthy and not showing signs of illness.

If you are not comfortable with this please see how we can support you with option 3, telepractice   

Option 3: Remote, Telepractice services
Milestone is now offering services remotely for parents and children through the use of a platform called Thera-Link.
  • This type of session would include the therapist “meeting” with you through a computer or phone at your normal appointment time.
  • Therapy would require having a computer or phone, and internet to complete the session.
  • Similar to an in person session, therapists will guide you and your child through prepared therapy activities
  • They may ask you to have some toys and common household items prepared
  • Thera-Link is a trusted brand in the healthcare community
  • It’s similar to Facetime or Skype, and is HIPAA compliant to protect you and your information

CLICK HERE to learn more about Tele-Therapy as an alternative way to access therapy from your home.

Milestone is fully committed to your children, your family and our team members. We are here and we are excited to see you soon!   Please call us with any questions, concerns or updates on your family’s circumstances. Call 619-578-2232, extension 1, or email us at scheduling@milestoneclinic.com. Thank you so much!

COVID-19 Preparedness 3/10/2020

The well being of the Milestone Family is always our priority. We’ve been staying up-to-date on current suggestions regarding COVID-19, from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). Both organizations have shared similar updates that we shouldn’t panic, but we should be taking precautions. Suggested precautions include: keeping your immune system up; washing your hands lots; and being extra protective of sneezes and coughs.

We are taking additional measures to support the health of everyone who enters Milestone. We have a designated staff person to ensure that our goals are being met.

Our goals, as carried out by Amanda, Milestone’s wonderful Clinic Assistant, include:

  • Waiting room surfaces are cleaned every 2 – 3 hours
  • All toys in the waiting room have been removed
  • Toys are cleaned between each use
  • Equipment is cleaned between uses
  • Gym mats are fully cleaned daily and spot cleaned as needed during sessions

The well being of our staff is also paramount, so we are taking extra caution with our health, as well. They have been advised to stay home if they are experiencing symptoms of illness. We have provided them a specific guide to help them better navigate when they need to remain home from work.

The precaution that can help the most is: if your child exhibits signs of the flu or coronavirus, cancel your therapy session, as soon as you see the signs. Below are some guidelines to help you decide if you should cancel your speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy appointment.

Cancel if:

  • Your child, in the past 24 hours have:
    • Had a fever above 100.4 degrees fahrenheit
    • Uncontrollable cough, or other irregular respiratory symptoms
  • Incidents of vomiting or diarrhea in the past 48 hours
  • Flu-like symptoms: aches and pains, nasal congestion, sore throat, diarrhea, fever
  • Other illnesses to include but not limited to: hand/foot/mouth, rash with fever (until 24 hours after first treatment), head lice (until after first treatment and child is lice free)
To cancel and/or schedule a makeup, call 619-578-2232, then press 1.

Thank you for your support, help & trust! It is an honor to serve you and your family!


Milestone Pediatric Therapy Team

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