Rett Syndrome Awareness Month is coming up in October, and we will be devoting our AAC blog to all things Rett Syndrome for the month.  But first, did you know that we have a Rett Syndrome Communication Program?

 Our AAC clinicians have a passion for and extensive experience working with children with Rett Syndrome and related disorders, including FoxG1.  Our AAC Coordinator is also becoming a new instructor for Rett University. 

Our clinicians understand the challenges that physical characteristics of Rett can impose, and that Rett Syndrome is more of a motor disorder, not a cognitive disorder as was once thought.  Our clinicians presume potential of all of our children who come into our program.  We work to get our kids on robust communication systems as early as possible.  Communication and literacy are intertwined and woven throughout all sessions.

Services offered within the Rett Syndrome Communication Program

  • Individual therapy

  • AAC evaluations for alternative access including eye gaze 

  • Support for literacy development

  • Parent coaching sessions

  • School Consultation around communication as well as adaptations so our kids can access curriculum

  • Teleconsulting

  • Parent Training Workshops

  • Programming of devices

Stay tuned for more information during Rett Syndrome Awareness month!




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Tanya Keller

Meet Tanya, our pediatric speech language pathologist and AAC specialist. Tanya moved from Boston to San Diego. She earned her Master's degree from Emerson College in Boston, in Communication Disorders in 2004 and a second master's degree in Assistive Technology from Simmons College in Boston, in 2012. Tanya has provided speech and language services for children who have complex communication needs, using low and/or high tech augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) with varying diagnoses. Tanya has been mentored by experts in Rett Syndrome and complex communication needs. She is PODD trained and attends the yearly assistive technology conferences. She has experience using a variety of AAC devices and working with alternative access, including eye gaze and switch use. In her free time, Tanya enjoys exploring San Diego, going to the beach and spending time with her dog.

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